A simplified mobile shopping flow.


Hotshot is a sports beverage that is scientifically proven to help treat and prevent muscle cramps. Customer feedback as well as data from their existing website was telling them that their mobile shopping flow was too long. Many users were dropping off before completing their purchase. Hotshot needed a redesigned shopping experience to increase conversion rates.

Early Iterations

While exploring various ways to streamline Hotshots mobile shopping experience, we had to keep a number of things in mind. Hotshot is a single product company but they offer a variety of different ways for customers to buy their product. Hotshot could be purchased in different quantities or as a subscription service. The bulk of their customer base consisted of triathletes and seasoned runners. 60% of users that visited Hotshots website were from mobile devices. We wanted to minimize clicks without sacrificing the customers understanding of how they could purchase this product.

User Flow

The redesigned user flow guides customers through a seamless shopping and checkout experience. Trimming back the number of pages that users had to go through while shopping greatly enhanced customer satisfaction.


Hotshots redesigned shopping experience was met with positive feedback from both the client and customers. Now that users had a clear understanding of Hotshots purchasing options, there was an increase in purchases. Work done at Brigade.